EDIT 3/25/13 Part I got fixed at this place broke while it was still under the waranty, but they will not honor the warranty. They want to charge me more money to get it fixed. I will never deal with these swanks again. Wish I could write Poor to Poor. RUN! Don't go to this place! First off if you ever notice all the cars sitting outside the shop for sale....Look there on the street, and in the drive way. Those cars are from unsuspecting clients who go there get quoted for work, have work done and they go back for pick up and the bill has gotten LARGER from 2000 to 3000 for a transmission repair. This place cant fix a check engine light, why would I get a transmission repaired by them. Don't be fooled by the friendly face of Angel, or by Dave Ramsey endorsing them. These girls will LEGALLY STEAL YOUR CAR, or they will say the problem is fixed youll get home its not fixed and they will tell you oh well.....they have your money, so what are you going to do about it. When I first met them I thought that I had finally found an honest mechanic, but these girls are just thieves with an honest face. BEWARE. They have a BBB rating of A+, but I suspect that is just because their clients are uneducated about filing a complaint. There are 5 complaints with them in the last 3 years, but Im know there are many more upset customers out there just look at the reviews from real people. Just living in the area I have met several that have had their car stolen from these women. You may even detect a hint of naivety in the clients who say they were satisfied with the work. They ripped me off on a still un fixed repair, and I am trying to save you the trouble. Keep looking there is an honest mechanic out there......let me know if you find one because this one ain't it! PS. If you need to know where to buy a decent used car check outside TCoA on Clinton they always have recently aquired vehicles going on sale presumably with new transmissions.....I saw a gold trooper out there last week.

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I brought a drive shaft in to get the universal joints removed. They said they would have it done in about two hours. I get a phone call saying that they won't continue working on it because the drive shaft is bad. The mechanic ruined the drive shaft and tore up the end yoke. They then told me to take it to a drive line specialist, but failed to provide any means of compensation for mangling the drive shaft and yoke. I confronted them about it and the mechanic at first denied damaging any part and I pointed out the fresh damage he created with the vice and press. He then acknowledged the fact he did damage it, but refused to do anything about it and told me I had to take it to a drive line specialist. Why should I have to pay for damages they did to my drive line and yoke?

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