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Quoting Rebuilt Transmissions in Knoxville, TN

"Can you give me a quote on a rebuilt transmission?" Unfortunately, there's no simple answer to this question. Without having the transmission out of the vehicle and dismantled, accurately quoting a transmission rebuild is next to impossible. A transmission can have anywhere from 300 to 500 parts, depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. We definitely wish we had x-ray vision to see which of those parts are broken. Fortunately, even without x-ray vision, we can help you! All we ask is to spend about 30 minutes with us. During this time, we will perform a free road test and a free computer diagnostic scan. These two diagnostic steps will help us determine what issue(s) the vehicle has. These steps help us verify the issue instead of attempting to diagnose the problem over the phone. An inaccurate diagnosis could cause frustrations for you as a customer spending unnecessary time and money. You can rely on us as the experts in diagnosing your transmission an ... read more

Transmission Services in Knoxville, TN

A question we often are asked is, “Do you perform transmission services?” Well, what is a transmission service? A transmission service is normally performed on a vehicle periodically, kind of like an oil change. During a transmission service, the transmission pan is dropped, and the fluid is drained. Then, a new transmission filter and new fluid are added to the transmission. There is also a transmission flush. A flush consists of draining the fluid from the transmission pan, torque converter, and cooler lines and replacing it with new transmission fluid. When do you perform a transmission service? Manufacturers typically recommend a transmission service be done every 20,000 to 50,000 miles. Regular transmission services can prolong the life of your transmission. Fresh fluid allows the transmission to run cooler and protects the transmission from corrosion and wear. Anytime we receive a call for a transmission service o ... read more